Saturday, December 24, 2005

Something stupid this way comes, pt. 1

Hello, this is Tyler again.

From here on out (every Saturday) I will post a column on a pop culture artifact that is stupid, overrated, ridiculous, and generally below me. Whether it be person, place or thing, I can assure you that you will never look at it the same way again.

The commemorative first subject of my ire:
Conceived as a part of a "Music Genome Project", Pandora allows one to find songs or artists with similar attributes to songs or artists that they like. A well intentioned project, to be sure. However, the founders of the project seem to be missing one key point about listening to music; people like good music. I don't particularly care how many attributes Good Charlotte may share with any of the bands I listen to, they still suck miserably. Though the service occasionally comes up with something new and interesting, the fact remains that I'm not looking for something that sounds like this one fantastic song I own; I'm looking for another fantastic song. If you insist on being painfully narrow-minded about your musical tastes, I imagine you'll have a grand time with this. For the militantly open minded, however, stick to your own vast, diverse music libraries. Honestly, the very idea that you would like something simply because it has "similar attributes" strikes me as philosophically void.

That said, have some holiday!
Tyler, signing off.


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