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Nader on the News: 1/7/06

Good morrow fine sirs. I'm Nader, the militantly moderate of this here blog. Today's issue is with the recent Sago Mine tragedy.

Explosion in mine, mine collapses, 13 miners trapped. Already not fun to listen to. Time passes, OH LOOK! Looks like the ratio of alive to dead is 12/1! Then Oops. Messed up the fraction. Turned out to be the inverse. (12/1)^(-1). 12 dead, 1 alive.

This reveals the immense necessity for fast information in today's society. It might be too recent to be sure, but the demand for knowledge exceeds its creation. People are left without or with too much hope, and results can be crushing. This does not mean that all information should be withheld, but the term "but it's not confirmed yet" would be VERY nice to add to the end of a statement.

Granted, since the miners died of CO poisoning, it could be assumed that the communication was true at a time, before their lungs surrendered to the carbon monoxide.

Unanimously, this was a tragedy and rescue crews did what they could. This could have all been prevented by meeting safety regulations, but the mine did not.

Slow down Industry, you move too fast. I am a great lover of capitalism, capitalism works where every other economy type does not. However, rampant necessity for profit and the true American policy of laziness endangers the lives of people who NEED to be protected in order to not die on the job. Look at the shuttle explosion several years ago. "OOPS! LOOKS LIKE WE DIDN'T WORRY ENOUGH ABOUT THE INTEGRITY OF THE SHUTTLE! LOL" Is not an excuse, the damage was obvious and maintenence could have saved the workers aboard. The Sago Mine incident also exhibits the losses caused by the haste of business caused by the need for money and profit. The mine had many obvious and previously known issues which endangered the lives of the miners working inside. The saddest part? We need it. Less safety = more risk = more productivity = more profit. Sure, a giant scandal or incident could totally destroy your company, but beforehand there would be a massive influx of money. The deaths were tragic albeit necessary as a victory of probability in today's capitalist world. Socialists would complain about the evil fat capitalist pig sucking the lifeblood of the workers, but Communism wouldn't be much different. If safety was taken too far into the extremes, the people would suffer from a lack of product, and having an equal system promising equal goods to all would only exacerbate the situation by massively increasing demand by turning the good into a required quota, driving the workers even harder and dropping the security standards far lower. The Sago Mine tragedy was a depressing product of desperate demand but was an unavoidable cost of the need of the people to be supplied with coal in order to power homes and light barbecues. Safety regulations must be increased, but coal prices will increase in turn. It is good to know that the incident, however tragic, will increase awareness of dangerous jobs and hopefully increase the amount of funds directed towards decreasing the probability of the tragedy occuring again. Human lives are more important than lower prices.

Sadly, Fred Phelps and his fundamentalist cronies are going to protest at the funeral of the miners, blaming their deaths on homosexuality. Sure, God will kill straight men because of gay people! That totally makes sense! From what I see, Fred's saying that God is targeting non-gays because they let gays exist, but is totally letting the gay people off! Sure, that logic works. The man has no taste and is a malignant growth on the face of humanity. It sickens me that he actually can gain followers to join in his spreading of hatred. Last time I checked, Jesus was a pretty mellow, peaceful guy. He's looking down on you from heaven and shaking his head, Fred.

So that is the first issue of Nader on the News. Have a good night America. Or wherever.


Anonymous Eric said...

I'm sorry Nader, but when writing such things you have to take into account the fact that no one, especially when on the internet, has an attention span of more than 14.3555...repeating, seconds and your surely enlightening message is well over this threshold. Now, 50's movies about cross-dressers, the devil, and Nixon? That's the kind of stuff that can hold the public's attention....for 14.3555...repeating, seconds anyway.

10:15 PM  

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