Sunday, January 08, 2006

Out of time?

Today in my venerated column, the subject of contention shall be: Time.

It occurred to me one day as I was walking along at around noon, and I happened to notice that the sun was at some insane angle that was most certainly not what one would expect for noon. Instead of directly above me, the sun insisted on being somewhere else. Now, I was under the impression that time had something to do with where the sun is, correct? Why should we let the machines tell us when to live our lives? Make a stand, my honorable readers! Fight the power!


Anonymous Eric said...

I'm sure what actually happened was that you forgot you had the ability to sleep and got up a few hours earlier then usual (which would put you at about 3AM) and simply assumed that every bit of electronic and/or nuclear-based form of timekeeping technology was not good enough to dictate your time to you (even your Ikea watch). This would have put your "noon" at about 9AM. Incidentally, you fail as a teenager, Tyler, for doing anything before noon at all.

10:04 PM  
Anonymous melstrikesagain said...

Maybe you were just standing in the wrong place, eh? Gosh! (What was the angle? 135 right?)

10:11 PM  

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