Monday, February 06, 2006

Doom and Gloomday Reborn: Doom and Gloomday's Revenge 2: The Sequel

It recently dawned on me while answering a question regarding Tyler's bit of ego stroking below, that my friends are lazy, forgetful, so-and-sos. After recalling that I had had this revelation a few weeks back, I decided to revive everyone's favourite day that Kevin had so thoughtfully left in the dust about a month or so ago! Yep, it's Doom and Gloom Monday!

In keeping with the tradition of reporting causes of cancer, I thought I'd try something slightly different from the tradition, but not enough so that I couldn't make people think it was a part of it anyway. This fine D&Gday, I'm happy to report that, not content with simply inducing seizures anymore, Pokemon now cause cancer. Above, I have a picture of an enlarged cell of this new threat to mankind. Notice the distinct Pokemon-shaped markings. In addition, there are various diagrams depicted, including a Pokemon parasite and a small, winged, disease-spreading poke-insect. very ware....

No, you didn't hear me quite right. Apparently there exists a cancer-inducing gene named the POK erythroid myeloid ontogenic gene, that, until a plethora of headlines, and Nintendo's lawsuit, was called the POKEMON gene by scientists, but that's just not as fun to report.

Incidentally, I receive untold quantities of bonus points for my spelling of "favorite" above.


Blogger Tyler said...

Silly Eric! Since when do you dole bonus points? All points, from "asian" to "zany" fall under my express dominion. It's in the contract somewhere; I'll show it to you at the next staff meeting.

7:01 PM  

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