Friday, February 10, 2006

Olympics Shmolympics

So I was watching the Olympic opening ceremomies! and thinking during the commercial breaks. You know what I was thinking about? The Parade of Nations is really long.

I'm sure that the opening ceremony would be, like, two hours shorter if only there was one or two nations. Would that not be, like, infinitely better? In fact, just one nation. Us.

Sure, they say that politics and sport are seperate, but really, the only way to truly remove politics from sport is if everyone thinks exactly the same way! Right? Right. (No one need comment on this matter, you know I'm right. (Totally.))

Everything else would be improved as well! Cultural differences would surely be eliminated under benevolent democracy (read: governments friendly to us) for the masses. One need only look at Iraq for an instance where a supreme culture, through military force, so entrenches itself that there is virtually no resistance to the occupiers!

So let's just stop kidding ourselves with the politically correct nonsense and finally admit that the American culture is the greatest thing ever.

P.S. Remember the Maine!


Anonymous Clam said...

Cynics themselves tend to take this view, regarding themselves as enlightened free thinkers, and their critics as deluded social pretenders who "bury their heads in the sand". However, an excess of cynicism in an individual can cause social or psychological difficulties when cynics see themselves as depersonalised and self-serving inhabitants of a meaningless, fictitious, and shallow world. It can be argued that an excess of cynicism actually leads to a disassociation from reality, because it leads to easy rejection of hard answers.

Forget about all that. You just make me laugh.

12:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You yourself has stated that the the Opening Ceremonies are long due to the number of countries. To me the very fact that a world of nations are marching together instead of killing each other (we can ignore the Berlin incident) only proves the effectiviness of the idea of the Olympics as a whole. Your cynicism only proves the so called American ignorance that would ultimately destroy the message the March on Nations represent.

12:15 AM  

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