Saturday, January 14, 2006

Press CTRL + C to Make Your Computer Explode

At the library today I picked up this amazing and informative -if somewhat dated- book written in 1981 about how to care for your computer. 1981, back when if you used a computer, you were a computer operator.

Here's an excerpt from the section titled "Dangerous Keys" on page 107:

"When using the CRT, one essential recommendation applies: don't hit keys that might cause great damage, such as wiping out a file. Typically, the most dangerous keys are the "control" keys. Control keys are generally special keys, but may also refer to the simulaneous striking of the CTRL key together with another key. Sometimes, hitting the wrong control key can result in catastrophic damage, such as wiping out a program or file. In such cases, the "control" key should be clearly labeled in order to avoid inadvertent use."

Once again, "don't hit keys that might cause great damage." Wow. This cartoon (click to enlarge) was thoughtfully provided to illustrate the point. Zounds.


Blogger Eric said...

Oh crap! I've been hitting Ctrl-C for years! The explosive must have a delayed blast. Now which color wire am I supposed to cut?

9:07 PM  
Anonymous jose said...

wow, when i wipe a file i use the apple key to undo
the mistake.

11:40 PM  

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